Sa Spendula waterfalls


‘Sa Spendula’ simply means ‘the waterfall’, as no other name was ever needed to define it. It represents the most characterizing monument of Villacidro. Known in whole Sardinia, it has always been welcomed by visitors coming to the small town. It is a magnificent jump of the stream Coxinas, flowing from the homonymous plateau at about 700 m a.s.l. The stream goes down towards the Campidano along a narrow and deep gorge, originated between Mount Omo and Mount Margiani; it eventually precipitates in three jumps, the last one being of about 30 metres. Immersed in a fantastic scenery of granitic rocks among the wild mountains enframing it, this waterfall has received, in time, the homage of outstanding voyagers and tourists, including Gabriele D’Annunzio. In 1882, on the occasion of one of his visits to Villacidro, with Cesare Pascarella and Edoardo Scarfoglio, he dedicated a sonnet to the waterfall, contributing to increase the prestige of this natural beauty even more.


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