The Rocce Bianche restaurant is in our main building. It is built in traditional Sardinian style with particular attention to detail that make it beautiful both outside (with a large stone patio) and inside, with wooden furniture and ceiling, stone shelves and mantelpiece, two imposing stone support columns and an enormous fireplace built in rock!

Our Cuisine

Our cuisine is the highlight of the agriturismo! The food we serve is authentic, plentiful and cooked according to true Sardinian tradition.

Rediscover the pleasures of true flavours and of homemade products cooked with genuine homegrown ingredients. The vegetables we serve come from our garden. The pastas, such as ricotta and potato ravioli, are homemade. The main courses, such as roast pork, wild boar, lamb stew and roast chicken, are our own, from animals we raise. Our Pecorino cheese is made from the milk from our sheep; and the Sardinian desserts are also homemade. To finish your meal, we offer you a delicious local digestif such as mirto, white mirto, limoncello, mandarine, corbezzo or filu ferru (grappa): all are homemade with generations-old family recipes.

As you surely have understood, dinner is all-inclusive: generous appetizers, homemade pasta, one or two main courses, side dishes, fruit, dessert, red wine and liqueurs (beverages included). We are sure you will not be disappointed!

See more photos of our dishes : go to gallery !


  • Rocce Bianche s.n.c.
  • Localita’ Bidderdi – 09031 Arbus (VS) - Italy
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N: 39.49459469188388
E: 8.523255586624146

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