Rocce Bianche is close to many very beautiful beaches. Here are just some of them. Click on the name to discover their beauty.

To the south:

  • Scivu (15 km)
    On one of the most beautiful stretches of this coastline, Scivu is natural and unspoilt. It is an unblemished jewel surrounded by breathtaking countryside.
    The beach lies in a long bay of fine golden sand, backed by high, deep-red sandstone walls topped with rich Mediterranean greenery whose fragrance floats down to the sea. The crystal clear waters blend shades of emerald green and intense blue. The 3 km long beach is divided in two by a rocky outcrop…..a fisherman’s paradise and the fine ‘talking’ sand is so-called because of the gentle murmuring sound it makes as you walk along the shoreline. The atmosphere is magnificent all through the year, at any time of day and especially stunning at sunset when the effects of the sun, sand and sandstone cliffs combine to create a breathtaking, rose-coloured hue.
  • Portixeddu (16km) and San Nicolò (3 km from Portixeddu)
    Portixeddu beach is over two kilometres long and is divided by the Rio Mannu. The thick pine forests bordering this fine sandy beach provide shelter from the intense heat. This vast sandy backdrop shines with indescribably beautiful colours and the sun plays on the crystal clear water to create wonderful reflections of light. Even in busy periods, this wide, long beach makes it easy to find a tranquil, relaxing spot for unforgettable holiday memories.
  • Capo Pecora (20 km)
    Cliffs overlooking the sea characterize this coastline. The beaches are scattered with smooth, granite pebbles and boulders polished by the incessant work of the tides. Beautiful white lilies grow wild in the shelter of the rocks. The sea is crystal clear and an intense blue. The sea floor is mainly rocky, rich in flora and fauna and glints with untold reflections. Untouched by large crowds and surrounded by the peace of unspoiled nature and wildlife, this is the ideal place for unforgettable moments of relaxation.
  • Buggerru (25 km)
    Buggerru beach is immersed in an atmosphere of times gone by. Behind the beach, the vestiges of the former mines, the laundry and the warehouses blend harmoniously into the landscape. This lovely, wide, golden sandy beach has tall and imposing cliffs at each end; it is never crowded as Buggerru is still an undiscovered jewel. The crystal clear sea shines alternately emerald green and deep blue and the marvellous sandy sea floor reflects its indescribable colours.
  • Cala Domestica (28 km)
    Cala Domestica is made up of fine sand with pebbles and rocks scattered here and there. Around the beach, the dunes are dotted with rich, Mediterranean vegetation. The beach is situated in a former mining area: the ruins of the nearby mines, warehouses and minerals waiting to be boarded are still visible as are the beautiful rock galleries, like the one leading to “Caletta”. This is a sheltered, intimate beach cove, with the mouth of a stream running through. In front of you, on the rocky, south-facing peninsula you can see the Spanish Tower. This delightful cove is especially loved for its underwater fishing.
  • Masua and Pan di Zucchero (40 km)
    The island was formed by the erosion of the crag from the mainland of Punta Is Cicalas. Nearby, you can see the cliffs of Porto Flavia and its mining gallery, from where ore was shipped directly. All around, the cliffs rise to heights of 100-160 m. In the Masua Inlet, along the Iglesias coast, the magnificent island of Pan di Zucchero provides a striking scene to be admired from the beach of the same name. This 133m high, limestone crag, light in colour and with a stepped surface covers 3.72 hectares. The south and north walls are pierced by two large arches one of which is navigable by small boats.

To the North

  • Tunaria (35 km)
    Tunaria is a two-kilometre inlet with a small, sandy gravel beach and shallow, rocky waters. It is frequented almost exclusively by local families.
  • Piscinas (15 km)
    This is one of the wonders not only of Sardinia but of the whole Mediterranean region; Italy’s has its own true desert: Piscinas, an oasis protected from development and progress formed by huge golden sand dunes, towering up to sixty meters high. The dunes roll from several kilometres inland and then plunge into a deep blue, boundless sea. This landscape leaves a breathtaking impression on the visitors lucky enough to see it. Indeed, it is a “must-see” if you holiday in Sardinia. Travel along the sandy tracks… then suddenly before you is a vast coastline, a wide beach about 7 km long forming a fine golden horizon between the blue sea and sky. This magnificent shoreline is never crowded. Its immensity and simplicity make it an unrivalled spot to find peace. The sea is outstanding too with a sandy bottom and rich fauna. Not too far from the shore lies a 200 year old shipwreck; all you need is a mask to swim out and admire the ship’s silhouette, its lead cargo and its cannon emerging from the sand.
  • Torre dei Corsari (36 km)
    Torre dei Corsari offers many opportunities to enjoy the sea: a huge beach, some very private coves and many rocky areas making it a paradise for fishing enthusiasts.
  • Gutturu Flumini (23 km)
    Also known by the name of Marina di Arbus, it is the small and picturesque centre of the Costa Verde. The colourful houses, situated on the hillside have stunning views of the wonderful, relaxing beach. From here you can take the spectacular coastal road that runs through the Costa Verde to reach the beautiful beach of Piscinas.
  • Funtanazza (27 km)
    A delightful place by the sea located in a charming, enchanting bay. It was founded in 1956 by the mining company Montevecchio as the Francesco Sartori Beach House to be used as a summer camp for the children of the miners. The complex, totally neglected for many years, is surrounded by shrubs typical of the Mediterranean and lies in a beautiful and thick pine forest covering 8 hectares.
  • Portu Maga
    The Portu Maga coast consists of an approximately 3 km long beach of sandy sections interspersed with flat rock formations that plunge into the sea. The alternately sandy and rocky seabed is of rare beauty and on calm days, the colours of the water are beyond description!
  • Pistis
    Pistis offers various ways to enjoy the sea: both a huge beach and the rocky cove of S’Enna and S’Arca. Is Arenas, S’Acqua and S’Ollastru make up an immense golden beach about a kilometre and a half long that disappears into massive dunes and creates a landscape of astonishing beauty; the impressive size of the shoreline means it si never crowded and you can always find a quiet spot.

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